Question for birth center CNMs

  1. Hi there! Right now I am still just pre-nursing but I know I want to do L&D once I get through. I would LOVE to do CNM but right now my family life wouldn't mesh well with that career....2 kids under age 3.

    I really have a passion and interest for unmedicated and low-intervention births. Do any birth centers hire an RN, especially a new grad? I know I could enjoy other areas of nursing (post-partum, peds, lactation consult), but if I could have my first choice, it would be L&D as mentioned above.

    Would it be possible to find such a dream job?
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  3. by   clhRN2b2010
    You will never know unless you try! Do you have a local birth center where you gave birth or get your woman care? Could you volunteer at one? File papers or do laundry and stock rooms for them if you have to. Whatever it takes for them to get to know you and trust you. I doubt that you could land that coveted position right out of school just by mailing them a resume, but if they know you, maybe you stand a chance! They may still want some experiance, but it is likely their are other L&D nurses who want that birth center position too. Either way, you need to make inroads with them, especially if it is a local CNM owned and run center. (the best kind, imo :wink2
  4. by   RosesRN
    i contacted several birthing centers. they said that they wouldnt be able to pay me an RN wage because I really wouldn't be able to offer a lot...but if I went and got a masters they could precept me and I could be hired on as a CNM after I get the degree. They also said that since the clinics are small and everyone wears a lot of hats it would be best if i spend a year in Labor and Delivery in a hospital to learn the ropes...the CNM programs also like you to have this experience. I am thinking of volunteering at a birthing center while working in L &D, then maybe i can cut it to 6 months and start the CNM program sooner....good luck!