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This is my first post here, though I have learned a lot by lurking here for a while. So, midwifery is my passion and I'm an adult returning to school to pursue a degree in midwifery. I am... Read More

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    Its good to know that Excelsior's RN program accepts: Licensed, Certified, or Registered Midwives.

    Any License, Certified, or Registered Midwife been through Excelsior's RN program?

    How was it?

    Quote from biggolp
    I don't know why I didn't think of asking the Midwifery Institute of Philadelphia!

    I also found out that Excelsior College will allow a Certified/Licensed Midwife to take their RN course which consists of testing out of nursing classes and a 3 day intensive practical test culminating in being able to sit for the N-CLEX.

    I guess if I got my CM credential first, and then did the RN through Excelsior (at my own pace and much cheaper), I could end up as a CNM.
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