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Hello, I wanted to get some feedback from students who are or have gone through the nurse-midwifery program at NYU. I'm looking at applying to NYU, and would love to hear what students/midwives think of the program. Also was... Read More

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    Hi ladies! I'm a fellow NYU student. Currently I'm enrolled in the duo degree program and going back to school to get my masters in nursing. I'm having a very hard time deciding whether to follow my passion for Midwifery or do Fnp since it's a safer route. I don't know where in the progress you guys are in this program, but would like to hear from you about this program at NYU. I just have a few questions, if you can kindly answer for me.

    1) Is it a rigorous program? What is the program composed of in terms of clinicals and classes?
    2) Does it have both online and in-class courses? I signed up for research this summer and it has both.
    3) Did you do full time or part time work while attending school?
    4) How's the job market currently? Were you able to find a mentor or an internship?
    5) Did NYU offer clinical settings or do you have to go find one yourself?
    6) How's the liability and malpractice insurance for midwifery?
    7) where are you intend to work after graduation? at a hospital setting? private clinic? birthing center?

    I'm excited about this journey ahead, but just need a little push on the way. Any tips and information would be helpful and appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!


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