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  1. Hello,

    I have been an OB RN for 2.5 years, now I have started midwifery school (part time) and think the IBCLC would be a nice addition to my nursing practice and as an APN in a few years.

    I have been looking at Pathway 1, since I work with lactation in a clinical setting (PP and nursery for the first 1.5yrs and more recently low-risk labor as well). I think I will be okay on the 1,000 hours of breastfeeding assistance before I take the IBCLC exam in 2013 or 2014, and obviously the Gen Ed is taken care of with a nursing degree but does anyone have recommendations on getting 'distance'/online lactation hours? I took a lactation counselor class as an elective with my bsn, but if I can count those hours at all they still will not total the 90 hrs of lactation. Of course, as a student I wish to keep the costs of review courses as low as possible while still reviewing the 'blueprint' material.

    So I guess in a nut shell my questions are:
    1) Does anyone recommend a course for online blueprint review?
    2) About how much is the IBCLC exam? (it is not yet posted for 2013)
    3) Is the exam very difficult for a PP RN?
    4) Would an IBCLC be beneficial for a CNM?

    Answers or comments to any or all would be amazing. Thank you, I know this is a very specific topic.

    Here is the IBCLC pathways info for anyone interested:

    BreastEd by Health e-learning is lead in the running of courses I have found (but still a little expensive, I may pick 3-5 I think are most beneficial):
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    Sooo incase anyone's interested (lol) I found this in the depths of the IBCLC website. The underlined text was particularly helpful. Again any additional info or comments are welcome.

    Education in Human Lactation and Breastfeeding
    I need to sign up for a course in human lactation and breastfeeding. Which course do you recommend?
    IBLCE does not endorse any particular course. There are many good programs available. You many want to consider enrolling in a course that is approved by the Lactation Education Accreditation and Approval Review Committee (LEAARC). A directory of approved courses can be found on the LEAARC website.

    Do I need to complete the education in human lactation and breastfeeding before I submit my application for the exam?
    You may apply before completing the lactation specific education; however, before applying, you must sign a Memorandum of Understanding. Please see the Sample Memorandum of Understanding for details.

    Does the required lactation specific education need to be approved for CERPs?
    CERPs are not required; however, candidates may use courses that have been approved for CERPs. Keep in mind that CERP-approved education is designed for individuals who are already certified as IBCLCs and, therefore, may be at a more advanced level than needed by student lactation consultants. IBLCE maintains a directory of providers who offer CERP approved education.

    May I use breastfeeding courses and training provided by my employer to meet the lactation specific education requirements? Yes, so long as they are specifically about human lactation and breastfeeding. You must have a certificate of completion for the education and you should retain a copy of the program description. When evaluating your education, be sure to check the content of the education against the IBLCE Exam Blueprint. You should have education that covers all the topics listed on the IBLCE Exam Blueprint.

    May my self-study hours count toward the lactation specific education requirement?
    No. Self-study may not be counted toward meeting the required lactation specific education. However, self-study is very important. Be sure to set aside time for additional time studying the various topics covered in the courses you take.

    I took a course in breastfeeding two years ago and have been working with breastfeeding families through my job in a local clinic. In addition, I am using several books to study for the exam. Is this enough to be successful in passing the exam?
    Making a prediction about your success on the exam is not possible. However, data from over 25 years of exam administration show a positive correlation between the amount of education candidates have and their success on the exam.

    Where can I find free or low cost ways to obtain the required education in human lactation and breastfeeding?
    You should plan on paying for the education that is required to qualify for the exam. As with any career, becoming an IBCLC requires an investment of time and money. One way to keep your costs down is to take online or distance education. There are a number of organizations that offer distance learning opportunities which are typically less expensive that in-person workshops or seminar.

    What types of education will count toward meeting the lactation specific education?
    Education for which you received a certificate and which is specifically about human lactation and breastfeeding will satisfy the requirement. If the subject of the course does not specifically mention breastfeeding and/or human lactation, you should save a copy of the course description.
  4. by   ColoradoBirthRN
    Another pearl of wisdom I might add is that even if you are a new grad in post partum, if you intend to go to Nurse-Midwifery and take the IBCLC, register for IBCLC ceu classes the fiscal year BEFORE attending grad school. Because (!) once you begin midwifery school, all of your tuition/continuing ed money goes towards school and IBCLC ceu classes are rather expensive and go for around $800 for all 90hrs you need

  5. by   ColoradoBirthRN
    I passed! Lots of studying but very doable!
  6. by   vanisleRNBSN

    I have just applied to write in July 2015. my background is 10 years obstertical/postpartum nursing and some casual work in the commnity doing well baby home visits. which cours did you end end taking for your 90 hours ? Could you recommend a study plan /which books you used as well? there seems tk be so many texts and everyone has an opinion. it would be nice to hear from an actual sucessful exam taker!
  7. by   klone
    I've taken the exam twice (I found it's cheaper to just retake the exam than do all the CEUs when it's time to recertify) - both times I used Health E-Learning's Breast-Ed courses. The first time I did the entire program in order to get the CEUs necessary for the "lactation-specific education" requirement. The second time I think I just did the test prep course.
  8. by   vanisleRNBSN
    Perfect! I have done the 90 hours of Lac Ed via Health E learning as well. Enjoyed the courses as well. Which text books would you recommend buying to study? I just ordered core curriculum. I am part of an online fb group and many people are buying 4 and 5 texts in addition to taking the LER or Health e learning exam review. It seems like overkill in my opinion but want to be sure before I spend any more money!!!!!!
  9. by   klone
    I think I just did core curriculum and the test prep course through Health E-learning.

    I thought the exam was easy both times.
  10. by   vanisleRNBSN
    Thanks very much! I appreciate your input!

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