I flip-flop worse than a politician during election season

  1. I think I've decided I'm going with Frontier. For any of you who went to Frontier, or who are in the process of application, what would you recommend to someone who is at the applying to a BSN program stage? I will be finished with my general studies AA this spring, and then I'll be in the BSN program. I want to make sure I do everything right from the very beginning. I will have room for an internship and independent study in my senior year, so I'm hoping I can do more work in OB during that time.

    I'm currently an LCCE and my certification is in need of renewal next month. I'm short a lot of hours on it because I've been in school and I have 2 little ones. How much of an edge will keeping that current give me? Would it be worth the massive stress it will take to get the extra hours in to recertify? Or do think it would just be a tiny blip on Frontier's radar?
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