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    Hi Midwifetobe85, First of all, THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FOR SHARING YOUR EXPERIENCE! I have been following so many threads and posts and I must say by far, you have been the most helpful and courteous in responding. I will definitely get in touch with the counselors at the other schools. Can I ask you to share some more about work experience and whether health related volunteering experiences are crucial to admission counselors? I honestly fear that my two years of full time paralegal work may raise a flag for them and although I used to volunteer at hospitals in my undergrad, I don't know how relevant it would be as of now. If you also know some background on other BAT students, please share! Again, thank you!!!
    You're very welcome! I've also found some incredibly useful advice on this site and enjoy giving back. Plus, I feel it's important to support fellow aspiring midwives. Prior to my ABSN at Bing, I had worked for half a year as a middle school teacher (didn't like it!) and spent nearly a decade (my adolescence through mid 20s) as a nanny. I had received my BA in French and originally intended to teach but after discovering it was not for me, I returned to nannying to figure out my next step. I did mention both of those in my nursing school essay but only briefly and only to highlight the elements in those jobs that seemed relevant to nursing. When I realized that I wanted to be a midwife I did a doula training and started working/volunteering as a doula. I had only attended a handful of births at the point of my nursing school app, but it was enough to talk about birth in a way that made me sound certain that I was headed into the right field. I also volunteered at a local hospital as a newborn 'cuddler'. I was open to doing any volunteer job at the hospital but since it was available, naturally I was drawn to holding babies all day. I highly recommend it : ).

    I have heard over and over again that volunteering in a hospital is a huge element for your nursing school application. Most of my classmates had done it too. I only did it about 4 hours a week for three months and it was an effortless, enjoyable way to spend my time. I would bet anything that it added points to my app. Besides that, I had no healthcare background. I would definitely recommend that you volunteer, even short term. I think it shows your dedication and indicates that you e at least spent some time in the hospital and have a better idea of what you're getting into. I think the older experience is certainly better than nothing but if you can fit it in I would do more and include both on your résumé.

    Why would you think your paralegal work would raise a red flag? There were 90+ students in my BAT class and we could not have been more diverse. It's second degree program so it assumes you did something else first. Yes, there were a few students who had majored in biological sciences or other health related degree, and went directly into our program after their undergrad but most of us hadn't. There were teachers, nannies, photographers, waiters, a former minister, accountants, business types, scientific researchers, you name it. All ages, all backgrounds. I had heard from some people before nursing school that it was necessary to be a nurse's aid to be competitive. This is def not true in the BAT program. There were maybe 10 who had worked as CNAs and wanted to take the next step and some who had known all alone that nursing was for them and decided to make themselves more competitive by being an aid. But the vast majority did not have this background. I do think its very helpful in preventing culture shock. The whole first half of the program you're basically doing aids work. Also, if you actually want to be a nurse (not def go on to be a midwife) I recommend it to people to get an idea of what it's about. It's VERY hard to understand emotionally what nursing is until you're in it. All of my classmates said the same things- we want to do something meaningful, we want to help people, we want job security with good pay....when people tell me they're thinking of nursing for these reasons but have no healthcare existence I say, go work as an aid. If you're ok with it and you see what the nurses are doing and you want to be in their shoes, than go for it. But if you're miserable than nursing is not for you. Sadly, a LOT of my classmates discovered this too. Now they're miserable as nurses and trying to not to admit that it was all a big mistake. For me, I'm grateful that it was all a stepping stone to become a midwife because I too did not enjoy nursing school. I'm guessing you're an aspiring midwife since you're on this that right?

    Hope this helps!

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