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hello ! i'm a gyn. nurse with BSN working in this field for 1 year (staight out of school). besides, there is some obstetrics (high risk pregnancy) up til 24 week, T.O.P (termination of pregnancy) and past portum, all in one... Read More

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    Quote from suzanne4
    Before you even worry about hospitals, do you have a green card already or will you be applying for one? If you need to get one, you will have to complete the CGFNS exam, the Visa Screen process through CGFNS, and take your English exams. This will be needed before you will even be considered for a position. Cut off date for the July CGFNS exam is in two weeks, so you won't be able to get the required documents to them in time, next exam date is November. Scores are not released for at least 8 weeks, so this puts you at January..............If you complete your English exams before, then you will be receiving your Visa Screen Certificate about three months after you take the exam. The US Embassy will not even consider your application until you have the certificate. Hope that this does not put a damper on your plans but I wanted you to be aware of what would need to be considered before even thinking about moving to the US. The process for once the paperwork is submitted can take minimum of three months and up to nine months.........................

    Good luck.................if you have any more questions please do not hesitate to submit them....................
    thank you very much for you concern. lucky me i'm an american citizen, so i'm set !!!!! nursing education i did in israel. i have all the paper work including cgfns evaluation. i just need to fill out forms for florida board of nursing. i had spoken to them and got the information i needed.
    thank you once again.

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    Yes there are international nurses and midwives out here. I am a midife working in London, UK and hope to move to Florida soon! So this site is very interesting for me.
    Quote from suzanne4
    There are many international nurses that follow the posts on
    I actually live in Bangkok, Thailand. Gwenith is from Australia and I am sure that you have seen her name on a few posts.

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    To the original poster - good luck! And to Suzanne - though I'm a US RN - I still enjoy your posts to the foreign-trained nurses - they are lucky to have you for an advocate.

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