Had my Frontier Phone Interview today Had my Frontier Phone Interview today | allnurses

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Had my Frontier Phone Interview today

  1. 0 It went pretty well I think, I was nervous to begin with and stuttered a bit and didn't really get my point across with the first question, but I think it went a lot better after that. I feel like if I don't get in, it will have more to do with my lack of years in experience than a poor interview. The interviewer for the ADN to MSN Bridge was very friendly and not intimidating at all. Good cluck to everyone in the application process, I will not hear until June sometime, but at least I'm done with all the parts that I have control over.
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    Congrats on getting through your interview! It is a little nerve wracking, but I'm sure they are accustomed to people being nervous at first. I am starting the Bridge program in March. I can't wait!

    Good Luck to you!!