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Roll call and discussion for all of us applying to Frontier Bound spring term 2013. I haven't submitted anything but I'm so excited. Anyone else?... Read More

  1. by   Mary C
    My phone is constantly dead from me checking my email so much!
  2. by   Mary C
    I'm in! Any other news?
  3. by   Mary C
    What's everyone's story? I will see you all in 53 days
  4. by   Annsexyone
    Hi, everyone I applied for 115. Has anyone heard anything. The wait is killing me. Thanks Elouise
  5. by   arbower
    I applied for the 114 Bridge class....this wait is making me crazy!! Has anyone who applied for the bridge class 114 heard anything yet??
  6. by   vbsupergirl10
    I applied for class 115 as well. The wait is agonizing!! I emailed them today just to make sure their acceptance/denial email hadn't accidently gotten into my spam or trash folder. This was thier response
    "The Class 115 files are still in the review process with the Admissions Committee. We should be sending out the emails soon" Whatever "soon" means...Keep me posted Annsexyone! Hope to hear good news!
  7. by   Annsexyone
    Vbsupergirl, hi this is Elouise I did get into the 115 class. I hope you received good news also. I got my acceptance email last friday. Hope to see you there in June.
  8. by   EmilyProulx
    I believe 115 midwifery class was notified on Friday, but FNP and WHNP have not been notified. I'm dyyyyyyyyying over the wait!!!!
  9. by   Annsexyone
    Don't worry you will get in. Let me know how it went. I will be praying for you. Good luck.
  10. by   vbsupergirl10
    Congrats Elouise! Glad someone is hearing something especially good news! What program did you apply for? I applied to the FNP.
  11. by   Annsexyone
    The midwifery program. Would you go June 10-13 also for frontier bound?
  12. by   vbsupergirl10
    Hopefully they're contacting people by program and they just haven't sent out emails to the FNP group yet...crossing my fingers...I would also be going to Frontier Bound during June 10th-13th. What does your application look like?...I have a 3.375 GPA (which I'm a little worried about), going on 8 yrs experience--3 yrs in med/surg and 5 yrs in the OR. I feel like I have decent references...but you never know! I applied late January/early February so all of this waiting has been torture!! I also applied for Texas Tech Health Science Center and Texas A&M Corpus Christi which I've heard are really competitive...Frontier is my first choice mostly because of how they have their program structured. My husband has one more year of nurisng school. If I were to be accepted, I hope to work full time, school part time for the first year and then once the hubby graduates drop to working part time and maybe consider going to to school full time. Hoping for good news soon! Congrats again on your acceptance! I'll keep you posted!
  13. by   micbrem
    Hello everyone.

    I'm also in the class 115 and I'm still waiting as well. I applied early January and its definitely been a long wait! Hopefully we will here something soon. I'm nervous. :0)

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