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Frontier Nursing University Bridge Class 111

  1. 1 Hello!! I wanted to make a topic for the bridge class I'm applying to so anyone else that is applying and have some peer support and so any questions can be asked. I'm going to send in my packet tomorrow if I can get my last reference form back tonight. I'm super excited and hope to God I get in. Anyone else out there applying to this class? I'd love to talk with ya!
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    Hi There....I actually applied for Class 108 but as I submitted my application just prior to the deadline there is a chance I could get waitlisted to Class 111.
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    Awesome! Well keep me updated on your progress, I'll do the same. I sent in my packet on Monday and I just got my email that they've recieved my online application. Sooo excited!
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    I have applied to class 108, just waiting to hear back. Good luck everyone!! :spin:
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    I sent my application in for 108 as well. Hope to hear something by mid October.
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    That's only next month!! Good luck!

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    From my understanding they try to let everyone know something 6-8 weeks before Bridge Bound. October 1st is 8 weeks out. October 15th is 6 weeks from Bridge Bound. Hope to hear in next 14 days. Counting down.

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    Be sure and let us know as soon as you find out!
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    Hey guys,

    I also applied to class 111. So excited! Good luck to everyone. Class 108, you should be hearing soon!!!!
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    I was waitlisted for 108. However I have a guaranteed spot in 111. So hope to see you all then!
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    That's awesome ERICRN1985! So that's 6-7 weeks prior... so maybe we will hear something by the second week in January?! ERICRN are you FNP?
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    Hey guys. I have a little kind-of related question. How does waitlisting and deferred work?

    I'm planning to send my packet in soon. Maybe a in a week for class 112. [march 4] (I have my BSN, will have my year experience on march 4) but I understand if you don't have the year you can be waitlisted or deferred.

    Thanks for the reply, just kinda confused.
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    Hey everyone. I have a kind of related question. I was wondering how waitlisting and being deferred work.

    I'm planning to send my packet soon for class 112 [fb march] (BSN with one year experience in March) but I understand that if you don't have that one yr experience you can be deferred. Just wondering how that works.