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Hello!! I wanted to make a topic for the bridge class I'm applying to so anyone else that is applying and have some peer support and so any questions can be asked. I'm going to send in my packet... Read More

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    That's awesome ERICRN1985! So that's 6-7 weeks prior... so maybe we will hear something by the second week in January?! ERICRN are you FNP?
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    Hey guys. I have a little kind-of related question. How does waitlisting and deferred work?

    I'm planning to send my packet in soon. Maybe a in a week for class 112. [march 4] (I have my BSN, will have my year experience on march 4) but I understand if you don't have the year you can be waitlisted or deferred.

    Thanks for the reply, just kinda confused.
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    Hey everyone. I have a kind of related question. I was wondering how waitlisting and being deferred work.

    I'm planning to send my packet soon for class 112 [fb march] (BSN with one year experience in March) but I understand that if you don't have that one yr experience you can be deferred. Just wondering how that works.

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    I'm not sure, but I'm very interested in an answer as well. The class I applied for (Class 111) has Bridge Bound scheduled for Feb 25. Well, the Texas BON was dragging they're feet getting my license posted due to, for lack of a better word, BS reasons, so it's dated for 2/21/12, even though I was working as a GN since 12/31/11(and an LVN for 2 years before that). I was told by a current student(this is what she did) that you can apply before your one year, just as long as you've been an RN for one full year by Bridge/Frontier Bound. Of course, I haven't heard anything about waiting lists or acceptance since it's too earlier for my class. I also did not ask them about it in fear that they would say that I must wait until after to apply. I just applied and let what will happen happen. Does anyone else have any insight on this matter?

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    Oh wow. I didn't know they go by your license date and not your work date. That makes things a little easier.

    Another question. How did you seal the professional references? I'm sorry. I feel so neurotic lol. I just really want to get in.
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    I had little manilla folders with brads and adhesive(they're actually what we use at work to save a fetal monitoring strip that wasn't recorded electronically, haha). I had a reference from an CNM I work with, one from my preceptor in L&D and one from my unit manager from my ER job. I just had them return them to me sealed.
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    Second week of January sounds about right. Yes FNP. You?
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    CNM. Only about 3 more months of waiting!
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    Did they tell you when you were waitlisted that you have a guaranteed spot in 111? I was waitlisted for 109 but they did not say that I have a guaranteed spot in another class...
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    quick question.

    Are there 2 Frontier Bound dates per class? Got kind of confused when I saw the drop down list.

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