FNP or CNM first

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    So, I am applying for a Direct Entry MSN program. I will tell you a bit about the one I will attend: I will get my RN after one year and work full time for 2 years while completing the MSN portion. My school helps you find a job and plans your clinical experiences for you. Please- I do not want any negative comments about direct entry programs- that is not what this thread is about. Anyway, my husband (he will be a RN in May!) and I plan to move to a rural area (North Carolina, New Mexico, or Alaska are the main ones we are considering) once we are both done with school and comfortable with practice. I would like to be a FNP/CNM and I am trying to decide which to do first. The FNP program is more difficult to get into, so statistics are in my favor to start CNM first. However, I think it might be easier to find a job as a FNP around here, so if I complete that first I could potentially work as a FNP while completing the CNM post-masters program. Just wondering if you all have any opinions on either option.

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    I think doing the FNP first would be easier. Then, you become comfortable in that role, then do the CNM as a post-MSN certificate.
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    Thank you. I am pretty sure that is my plan- it makes the most sense even if it is a more competitive program.

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