Desperate Frontier (CNM) Student in Florida

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    Hello all,

    I am a Frontier University (Frontier School of Midwifery) student in South Florida who is desperately searching for an Intrapartum clinical preceptor. You may wonder why I am searching so late for a preceptor but the truth is, I was abandoned by my preceptor who agreed to precept me (signed contract). I kept in contact with her every semester to keep her inform of my progress. my goal was to complete my program in July 2012 but so far I have no luck finding a preceptor or hospital in South Florida. I'm willing to travel in order to fulfill my dream. I have come this far but its seems my journey is hopeless... If anyone know of a preceptor in Florida willing to take a student for Intrapartum. Please let me Know.

    Thank you all.

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    Hi there!I am also a Frontier student but I live in Oregon. However, I have a couple of friends in my class who live in Florida and have connections. PM me @ if you are interested in their contact info.Good luck! You are at the light at the end of the tunnel!!
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    did you find a preceptor yet, I may be able to refer you to someone who can help you,
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    My wife is looking for a midwife preceptor in south Florida as well! can anyone help us find one ! She is attending the University of Philli distance learning program. Thanks

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