Demand for Certifed Nurse Midwives

  1. I am interested in becoming a nurse midwife after I finish my BSN and get a few years of experience. I am just concerned that there will be no demand for new grad certified nurse midwives, and I would have to travel to actually find a job. Has anybody had a hard time trying to find a work as a CNM? How do you go about a job search for a CNM position?
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  3. by   aspiringmidwife76
    I don't know where you are located, but where I am at in Indiana CNM positions seem to be growing. With newer OB/GYNE's coming into practice, they are more accepting of midwives than the "older" more senior docs. Needless to say, the larger the city, the more CNM's there seems to be. I find that in more rural areas there are more CPM's, DEM's, CM's, and lay midwives. Hope this helps!
  4. by   WannaBNursey
    I live in Florida but am originally from Indiana and am considering moving back there after I finish school. What general part of Indiana are you at? I'm considering going back to NW Indiana or the Lafayette area. Thanks for responding to my message!
  5. by   AP0525
    The website: is a good place to start looking for jobs. There are postings on that site.

    I currently live in NC and Midwives are used a lot here in hospitals, outpatient clinics and health depts.

    I used to live in FL until last year. I have lived in Gainesville and in Ft Lauderdale. The job market for CNMs in south florida is pretty much non-existent. In Gainesville, I was a staff RN at Shands @ the University of Florida and even being a large teaching hospital, they do not hire CNMs bc of all of the OB/GYN residents. I think finding a job as a CNM in FL will be hard. But, who the time you finish school, things may be different. Good luck!
  6. by   aspiringmidwife76
    I live in NW Indiana, 15-20 years ago there was only 1-2 CNM's in the area. Now there are over 20 that I know of in the area. I know that there is a need in the upper eastern states, along with Arizona. Definately a good idea to search for job positions.

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