Demand for Certifed Nurse Midwives

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    I am interested in becoming a nurse midwife after I finish my BSN and get a few years of experience. I am just concerned that there will be no demand for new grad certified nurse midwives, and I would have to travel to actually find a job. Has anybody had a hard time trying to find a work as a CNM? How do you go about a job search for a CNM position?

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    I don't know where you are located, but where I am at in Indiana CNM positions seem to be growing. With newer OB/GYNE's coming into practice, they are more accepting of midwives than the "older" more senior docs. Needless to say, the larger the city, the more CNM's there seems to be. I find that in more rural areas there are more CPM's, DEM's, CM's, and lay midwives. Hope this helps!
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    I live in Florida but am originally from Indiana and am considering moving back there after I finish school. What general part of Indiana are you at? I'm considering going back to NW Indiana or the Lafayette area. Thanks for responding to my message!
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    The website: is a good place to start looking for jobs. There are postings on that site.

    I currently live in NC and Midwives are used a lot here in hospitals, outpatient clinics and health depts.

    I used to live in FL until last year. I have lived in Gainesville and in Ft Lauderdale. The job market for CNMs in south florida is pretty much non-existent. In Gainesville, I was a staff RN at Shands @ the University of Florida and even being a large teaching hospital, they do not hire CNMs bc of all of the OB/GYN residents. I think finding a job as a CNM in FL will be hard. But, who the time you finish school, things may be different. Good luck!
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    I live in NW Indiana, 15-20 years ago there was only 1-2 CNM's in the area. Now there are over 20 that I know of in the area. I know that there is a need in the upper eastern states, along with Arizona. Definately a good idea to search for job positions.

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