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  1. Midwifery is politics!

    ACNM's letter to membership regarding attempts to provide federal recognition to CPMs

    ACNM's letter to Congress on this issue

    MANA's Open Letter to the ACNM Board of Directors and Executive Director

    I wish the ACNM would recognize there is strength in numbers and embrace the midwifery community as a whole instead of finding new reasons to bash DEMs and divide it further.
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  3. by   SiennaGreen
    I'm so conflicted re: this myself. I initially began this journey desiring to pursue CPM because philosophically, I felt so much more in line with CPM training. I think our bodies are not defective, pregnancy/birth is not an illness and should take place primarily outside of a hospital, and I am grateful for folks with advanced training in case of complications. I even have great respect for and favor, in some ways, the apprentice model of education.

    However, I do understand ACNM's point in the letter about needing to have a structured, constistent model for licensing. I also understand that they are trying to work within the system to affect change. If ACNM wants to see better conditions for CNM's and Midwifery to become more mainstream and accepted, accepting and getting behind the CPM movement right now doesn't make sense. If they were to embrace CPM's right now, in the form that many within the HB/CPM/Direct Entry movement would like to see, they would be disregarded by the people in power.

    I agree it would be nice to see unity. That has to work on both sides and honestly, I hear many CPM MW's being very derogatory toward CNM's these days-more so than CNM's the other way. (Granted, my circle is limited.) I have swung from rebel activist youth to Reagan Republican and back again in my life; and I genuinely believe any movement needs a little of both approaches. We need rebel activists to represent what the establishment sees as "the fringe" and fire people up, get them thinking; and we need wise, calm, peacemakers in the center to try to affect change within the system, often utilizing techniques and seemingly giving up ground in the process that makes others nervous and unhappy.

    I am very, very hopeful that with changes in healthcare on the horizon, we will see a major shift in how health care providers are viewed-everyone from accupuncturists to Nurse Practitions to CPM's.