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    I'm an aspiring CNM and I'm currently trying to research the laws and regulations around Certified Nurse Midwives in Georgia. I know that CNMs are not independent practitioners in Georgia and are bound by the regulations of the state. Part of my research is to understand what areas do CNMs in Georgia feel like they are restricted in regards to practice. So what areas do you feel you are restricted in practice that you would normally not be restricted had you practiced in a state where CNMs are independent practitioners? What would you like to specifically seen changed in Georgia's law and regulations regarding APRNs/CNMs?
    Do you feel like access to midwives in Georgia would increase if these restrictions weren't placed on you? What would the benefits be if all APRNs were allowed independent practice?

    The reason why I'm researching this is because 1. I eventually would like to practice here, 2. recent data released by the Augusta Chronicle has shed some light on the horrific maternal death rates in my area and several women in my area (including myself) decided that we were going to rally to educate women in my area and help shed light on the poor rates our state and city are dealing with. While we do not know the causes behind such poor rates (though it was claimed that it was being investigated), we do know that Augusta lacks a lot of nurse-midwives. Originally we were going to just write and petition the local hospitals to hire more nurse-midwives, however, after talking with a CNM that works in an area hospital, I decided to try to take this to the state level and try to get legislation changed that would allow for CNMs to be independent practitioners. I know this is a huge undertaking, but even if some light is shed on the issue, it might start bringing about a change for CNMs and APRNs in Georgia.

    I just want to get an understanding of what all you feel needs to change in Georgia before I start writing legislators asking for support.

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   LibraSunCNM
    Here is a list of the leadership in the Georgia affiliate chapter of the ACNM with their contact info:

    ACNM Affiliates

    I believe they already have a strong presence in terms of state legislation. They could probably give you a lot more specific info about the state of Georgia.