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I'm a RN (have my BSN) planning on going back to school to become a CNM. There are no programs close to where I live, and I can't move, so I'll need to do it online. Anyone have any insight on... Read More

  1. by   cnm in progress
    Quote from redbeads
    "#2: Their program is 2 1/2 years long VS Frontier's only 2 years. (To me this implies a more in-depth program: On top of the higher base level of knowledge required for entrance)"

    I also had done some research on several different programs before deciding on Frontier. As far as final credit hours at the end of the CNM program this is what I found:
    Univ. of Cincinnatti: 89 credit hours
    Univ. of Michigan (highly competitive and well-respected, but no distance learning option): 52 credit hours
    Frontier: 66 credit hours
    I am not sure why U of C requires so many more credit hours, more than U of M even. I guess I am more into efficiency and I do not think that total time or number of credit hours necessarily reflects quality of education.
    I just looked at the U. of C. website. Part of their curriculum includes 900 clinical hours. Frontier only requires 675 clinical hours, yet their required numbers of births, labor managements, postpartum visits, new ob visits, etc... is double that of U. of C. For example, U. of C. only requires 20 births. I've already done 30 and need 10 more, yet I feel like I want closer to 50... I can't imagine feeling safe after just 20.
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    CNM in progress - you're making me very excited to start the program! (okay, I haven't officially been accepted yet, but I prefer to think positively)