CNM malpractice insurance

  1. Hello to all. Does anyone know the average cost of malpractice insurance for a new grad and an experience CNM. I know these numbers vary widely based on # of years of experience and state. Just need some ball park figures to get an assignment done. I have tried calling a birth center and requesting a quote from Contemporary with no response has of yet.Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   mommy2boysaz
    I know of one CNM whose recent first year cost roughly $12,000. More experienced CNMs in the same area (Midwest) are paying roughly $20,000.
  4. by   Dalla
    A CNM I shadowed a few weeks ago told me she pays $6,000 a year, but only has minimal coverage - $100,000/$300,000 (?) Of course, as a CNM doing homebirths, the least little thing and she will risk them out to an OB.