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Hi all, I'm around 30 years old and making a career change into midwifery. I realized that I was very unhappy at a sedentary, desk-based job working on conceptual issues. I have always been very... Read More

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    No, don't have my RN yet. Certified Paramedic in NC and plan to do Excelsior's ADN program. Found that it would be a lot faster and about the same price as some of the local college programs because I already have a degree. I will do their BSN program with them because the local colleges that do RN-BSN require you take some classes I don't agree with - like PE for example. I'm close to 40, in relatively good shape and try to work out regularly. I'm not taking a gym class.

    Didn't know about the 9 day thing. I'll take a closer look at their website. Thanks for the info.

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    Great post, I have some of the same concerns as well as others. I am also changing careers later in life. I am working on my prereqs now and hope to figure the rest out later. I just moved to Corning NY and am attending Elmira. Still trying to figure out how things work here, where I moved from there was alot more support for holistic care. Sounds like you might be local? Would love to to talk sometime!

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