Anyone else applying to Frontier class 81 CNEP?

  1. Is there anyone else out there applying for Class 81? I know the application deadline is April 26, but I sent my application in the early part of March and still have not had any confirmation email that is was received. Just curious if anybody has received any emails about applications for this class. And thinking it would be nice to share stories.
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  3. by   HappyNurse2005
    Hey! I applied to class 80 and am anxiouslay awaiting a decision.

    When I sent my application in, I got an email a few days later saying it was received and asking if I had any questions. If you haven't received this email, I would email or call them. They are really nice and receptive to questions. I've asked a few, and have always been answered promptly even though I'm still just an applicant, not even admitted yet!

    Good luck! They have an awesome facebook page, too, btw. Lots of info, and discussion boards.
  4. by   redbeads
    Yes, I did finally call today and they have my application, still wondering why no email though. Maybe I should call again and make sure they have it right. I have seen the Facebook page and it is nice to read. I hope you have good news soon!
  5. by   nlt284
    I just applied to class 84 CNEP. Did either of you ever find out if you were admitted?!
  6. by   redbeads
    Yes, I was accepted to Class 79 and start the end of September. Good luck to you, Frontier is like no other school on earth and the best place to get your CNM degree!

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