A few questions about applying to Frontier - page 2

I finally decided today that Frontier is for sure where I want to go. So I looked up application deadlines and the next one is in February. Since this is cutting it close, is it okay to go ahead and... Read More

  1. by   midwifetobe85
    Quote from arayRN
    Mary c- is there cost associated with frontier bound?
    Hi arayRN,

    Yes, it's $575 for the FB fee which includes room and board, plus $100 for pre-frontier bound online orientation course, plus I'm paying $75 for the airport shuttle (although that's optional if you're driving or renting a car)- so $750 total. It's not an insignificant amount but at least there wasn't a deposit required to hold my spot, which most schools require. The total was due one month before FB. Heres a list of all fees while at Frontier- http://www.frontier.edu/financial-aid/tuition/fees

    Hope that helps!