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Can administration of K+ 10mEq/100cc N/S (level 2.9) irritate myocardial muscle and cause extension of an MI?:idea:... Read More

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    we protocol all our lytes, a K+ as low as 2.9 tho is deferred to the PA/CCP and as long as renal status was OK they would have rec'd probably 80 mEq IVPB. The first run would have been over 2 hours (if TLCL or PICC present). I addl' agree that the patient should have been redlined to the cath lab, as well as screening Mg+ level. As far as extension of the MI, weeell your "senior nurse" is not thinking too clearly, it was not from potassium replacement. Don't worry about what she/he had to say.
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    Quote from mrsituation
    just a thought... if the pt was losing that much k+ or at the very least not maintaining, what about her mg++ levels, could also have been a cause for the ectopy... or here's a thought; maybe it was the 2.9 k+ level alone?? the thought of not replacing a k+ level of 2.9; what kind of crack was that senior nurse smoking?? well, here is my 2 cents: just because they've been doing it longer doesn't make them a better nurse; so don't lose any sleep over it.
    ditto this, experience is a good thing as long as it's good experience, and the person has good knowledge, not second hand incorrect info. giving that k+ was definitely the right thing, and just an fyi, you can figure k+ deficit as a patient generally needs 150-200 meq of k+ to increase their serum leve 1.0, now this is over a 24hr period, but due to the amount that is shifted, and diuresed out, you need a lot of k+ to fix a k+ of 2.9. as another poster said, i'd be interested in knowing what her mg++ was as well, as hypo- either of them seems to run hand in hand with mi's.
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