Phone Interview for ICU position

  1. I will have a phone interview this week for ICU position. Help please! I don't know how phone interview will that be. What questions should I need to prepare for answers. I've been in the med/surgical floor for almost 2 yrs and I really wanted this job.
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  3. by   mmg21789
    Just be clear about why you want to work in the ICU. You will be asked this question. Also what you hope to gain,, such as professional development and a sense of personal growth. Be clear and confident and you should be fine. Your experience in med surg has prepared you for this next step. Good luck and let me know how it goes, hope you get it!!!
  4. by   somenurse
    On the top of this page, is a yellow banner, with the word "career",
    if you click on the "career" button up there,
    it leads you to this:

    Nursing Career Advice

    On that page^
    there is a part called "Nursing Interview Help"------------

    Nursing Interview Help


    which contains some great articles to look over.
    Look for the articles by TheCommuter on that page, there are 3 of them to read.


    You can also google "common interview questions" and practice answering those. Have list of your strengths all written out in front of you. They sometimes ask about your weaknesses, too, so have one weakness all thought over and ready to discuss, IF asked.

    Of course, have all your paperwork ---resume, references, nursing license, everything, all laid out neatly in front of you, have cup of hot tea so you can stifle any coughs from itty bitty nervous bronchospasms,
    put the dog outside, mute your other phones, etc.

    and have a list of 2 or 3 questions ready to ask them when they are done interviewing you. (not about pay, but, like how long is orientation, nurse/pt ratio, etc)

    Study this facility, don't ask things that are on their website. Read their mission statement, history, etc.
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