Pathway to becoming an CVICU RN

  1. I'm a new grad with 8 months experience in a LTAC. I've cared for pts with new trachs, vents, critical drips, IV ABT, and wound care. It's all very nice but my passion is cardiology!! I sooooooo want to get into a CVICU or even to the cath lab! Before RN school, I worked as a PCA in the Emergency Departments at some of our busiest ER, and I would like to know, what the RN managers look for when considering someone for their unit.

    Thanks in advance for any and all responses!!
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  3. by   Tiffany47362
    Well, I know on our unit we DO hire new grads, but I would say just make sure you let them know that this is the area you are passionate about.
  4. by   lorainemrifresno
    I don't know anything about new grads. I'm a recruiter and I usually work with experience personnel in many different hospitals. I can ask one of the Cath Lab Nurse Manager that I'm currently working with.
  5. by   smitty10
    Thank you so much. I'm going through ACLS now, and I started looking at the CCRN exam. Thank you again for your reply!
  6. by   PQRSTmammaRN
    I was hired as a new grad but I worked in the ICUs as a student. one of the RNs in my orientation worked in a LTAC facility for a year; she was hired as a float ICU nurse. It sounds like you're on the right track.
  7. by   smitty10
    thank you so much musician's wife!
  8. by   nursemaReN
    We hire new grads on our unit too. I'm in a CCU, future hubs is in a CVICU. I started on CT stepdown for a year and a half. Just as critical, drips, but got more time management under my belt. I remember I expressed that cardiology was my passion. Good luck!

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