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  1. 0 hi, wondering if anyone knows of any audiovisual resources about PA lines? i know there is lots of printed material, but if i could just see visually how they are set up and be able to refer back to this it would be very helpful. i knew a woman from my work who said there was a dvd at her local library, but we have now lost touch. i am desperate and haven't had formal training in this area yet.

    thanks for the help!
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    I don't know of any audiovisual materials out there, but one thing that can help is to assist with the set up of every fresh heart that you can when they come up. This helped me, as I am a visual learner, too.
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    I have a whole setup that new RNs can "play with" and practice setting up. I also have a display board with the inside of the heart on it that I have glued a swan catheter in the correct position. Below I have a pict of the stages of the swan being floated in. At each stage I show a pict of the balloon and the waveform. It is great for helping people visualize things.

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    Try this:

    Registration is free and there is LOTS of info!

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    The pacep site is an excellent resource. Also try, and follow the link for PA lines. It's not interactive, but it's in a Q/A format that's easy to follow.
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    pacep and icufaqs are awesome.
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    thank you very much for these two not sure how to get the video clips to work. but will work on the quizzes slowly. thanks again everyone.

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    I found this video very good!
    Took a bit of internet searching though.
    Hope the link works for you.
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    best site is
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    #9 0, is great! TONS TONS TONS of info (almost 8-9 hours) good explanations too!

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