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  1. I just started on a SICU unit. I have 2 years med-surg experience on a trauma/surgery floor. I am getting 8 weeks orientation on days and then 2-4 on nights. I have a fantastic educator and two preceptors one with 35 yrs experience and the other with 10 years. This unit services surgical, stroke, neuro, trauma, and cardiac including open hearts. While on orientation I have had 2 fresh post-op CABG pts.

    I have been told by my manager and educator that I will not receive fresh post-ops until I have at least 6 months and probably more like a year of ICU experience and that then I will go through a separate orientation to become heart trained. I have also been told that I will probably get CABG post-ops 2-3 days out and on step-down when they are stable shortly after finishing orientation.

    These pt.s intimidate me!!!! I was wondering if anyone could recommend some good books specific to the post op open heart patient.
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  3. by   Biffbradford
    That's good. They should intimidate you cuz they can turn on you in seconds if you're not on top of the game. Really, I wouldn't worry about it until the time comes. It really helps to have that 6 months experience under your belt before you get into the specifics of a fresh heart patient. Over time you develop a 'sixth sense' that things aren't right even though you can't put your thumb on it right away (like a tamponade). Continue to study the materials they give you to read. Enjoy!
  4. by   OpenHeartRN24
    bojar: perioperative care of the cardiac surgery pt is a great book full of info on all things you will encounter and need to know while taking care of these pts. Biff is right they should intimidate you, but just try to keep a calm clear head and you will do fine.
  5. by   clarkheart
    Bojar is an excellent stand alone reference. I allows remind myself what the best cardiac surgeon I have ever worked with told me once:"Never get complacent, there is no such thing as a routine open heart recovery." Every recovery is different.