1. So I just accepted a position working on a large critical care unit that specializes in open hearts. It's also a medical and surgical and neuro critical care unit as well. I'm beyond excited that I'm getting 12-16 weeks of training. My background is medsurg and neuro telemetry. My question is, do you think I can get ready and trained to operate safely and what diagnoses, medications, etc. would you recommend I know really well before I begin? Any tips for new CC nurses like myself? Thanks.
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  3. by   Esme12
    Welcome to AN! The largest onoline nursing community!

    I have a great site that may help Learn your Swan/PA catheter. It will take you up to a year to feel "comfortable" give yourself a are starting at square one. and.....Sick hearts like Epi.

    You have a good orientation time....take the full 16 weeks if you can. Start one system at a time. If you are primarily hearts start there.... then neuro.

    For neuro patient...remember you need a cerebral perfusion pressure of 60. (ICP-MAP)

    Good Luck!
  4. by   silverbelle
    There is so much to will not know it all in 12-16 weeks..those that think they do are dangerous...You may feel pretty unsure of your self for a while and that is good always this working...why...or why not...what could I do better for this patient. Study your material but keep in mind the older nurses who have been out of school for a while may not recite the information from the orientation classes like you can but they have experience and good gut instincts that can can solve a situation or more importantly keep a situation from happening in the first place. Listen to your own gut insticts as you develope them...and make a habit of good time management. Units are notorious for quick changes in patient status..your "good night" can go bad quick so dont get luck to you! Just posting on here shows you really want to do well and learn...I bet you will!!
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    Thanks a bunch for your helpful tips. The unit I'm going to be working on is a large CCU that is medical, cardiac, neuro occassionallt trauma. The hospital specializes is open heart CABG/valves so I will be getting plenty of post ops. Trauma is usually taken to a different trauma hospital.
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    Oops I accidentally hit send before I was done. My unit is also surgical as well so I will get plenty of great experience. I think my biggest thing I worry about is if I can remember everything. I will update you all as I go. I start the 21st.