New nurse is stressed!! HELP!!!

  1. I have been out on my own for a week now and I am so stressed to worried to go back to work! I am so scared of doing something wrong and messing up! I know that this is a learning process but I need some advice to help me not be so stressed!!
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  3. by   Pheebz777
    You're not the only one. On my first few months I always felt stressed out and worried about not performing to the expectations of others and I felt scared of making mistakes. You have all the right to feel that way and it's common.

    What I did was ask, ask, ask, question, question and question again. Don't feel dumb for asking so many questions and asking for help. Also study as much as you can. Memorize laboratory values, review critical care concepts and understand them. Things like Lab Values, interpreting ABG's, Ventilator modes, mastering EKGs and lethal cardiac rythms, especially mastering your ACLS skills will really bring up your confidence in the long run.
  4. by   midinphx
    When I was a brand new nurse in the ER, I walked out everyday feeling like I had just Failed. I put a positive to it by making lists (sometimes I'd log it/sometimes just in my head). Journaling can help if you're a writer. I listed the good things I had accomplished that day. And then I listed the things I had messed up as "what did I learn today?". I had alot of Learning Days.

    After almost 17 years of nursing, I still have learning days. I figure that the day I stop learning is the day I need to hang up my stethoscope.

    Hang in there. Find someone you trust to share with - a mentor or another young nurse to go have coffee with.
  5. by   Maevish
    Everyone knows you're new and as long as you are focused on learning and go out of your way to see new things, assisting with procedures when you can, and are open minded you'll be great.If you weren't nervous/anxious I'd be worried cause you should be right now! :-) Just don't let it interfere with your job and try to channel it into motivation. I used to get physically sick when I was new and heard I was getting an admit but now it's kind of exciting because you never know what's gonna come in.Just remember what other posters have said and ask questions. I'd ALWAYS rather ask a question (even if I know I know it, but I'm having a brain fart!) than kill someone because I didn't.Besides, when people ask me questions, I love it because when I give an answer it solidifies it in my head even more so it's a win-win! ;-)Good luck and have a great week!
  6. by   tubides
    I having been working in the CCU for 2 years and there is an overwhelming amount of things you need to know. Do NOT be afraid to ask questions. If I'm not positive on something I always double check and if the person I ask doesn't quite seem to satisfy me I will go and ask someone else the same thing. I would rather ask a million questions then cause harm to a pt. Also I have the AACN book right next to my bed. When I get home if there is something that I'm not sure of I look it up. Let me reassure you I look something up almost everyday. But I can tell you I absolutely love my job. Also just stop what your doing and take a deep breath. We have all been there. Good luck
  7. by   midinphx
    I've been a nurse for 16 years and I still have my critical care book sitting out where I can pick it up and review something - sometimes it gets a bit dusty when I don't look in it for awhile.

    I am an AACN member and keep all the journals out as well - great bathroom reads. lol.

    Never stop learning! I learn things as newer nurses ask me questions. Your eagerness and energy is contagious! Keep feeding us your challenging questions - it makes us go look up things we have forgotten and need to refresh.
  8. by   TamJonesRN
    I recently started on the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit in April of this year. I was so nervous when I was on my own and I had been nursing on a step down unit for 17 years. It was a different animal for me. The nurses on the unit told me that it will take about a year to feel comfortable on a critical care unit. They also said that there are still times when they are still nervous. So you are not alone. Every day we are learning and fine tuning our nursing skills. The best advice I can give you is to utilize your mentors and rely on your resources if you need help. They are very helpful when you get in a bind or if you have questions.