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Hey all. SO My hosp. just started using the MYNX closure device a month or 2 ago. The MD's used to use angioseal, perclose or just send the pt. to my floor with a Sheath for us lovely nurses to pull,... Read More

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    I myself just recently had a heart cath and the mynx closure device was used. I had the procedure on 4/13/2011, I have had pain everyday since the procedure. Some days worse than others. On 4/19, I returned to the ER for increased pain in my groin area and down my right leg, also experienced weakness in my right leg. I was admitted to the hospital for a right femoral vein DVT. I am 41 years old. No previous h/o DVT, non smoker, and do not take any hormone replacement therapy. My heart cath was good, with only a 20% blockage in one artery. Now, I am on a daily regiman of Coumadin for the next 6 months, and giving myself Lovenox injections b.i.d. until my INR is where it needs to be. I am also still experiencing pain to my right groin area with pain and weakness in my right leg, although the pain is not as intence as it has been. So, needless to say, I have not had a good experience with the Mynx system.

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    I had this Mynx Closure Device used on me 4 days ago and I can just now stand up, I have been is so much pain, had fever, could not sit or walk, the pain was all the way down to my knee. The pain was unbearable, this device did not work well on me at all. My doctor had to give me antibotics, my body felt like it was a war zone, the pain was horrific. I do also know that my Dr. has tried to get intouch with the company with no responce. My Dr has used this device twice and both times had the same problems.

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    The Mynx Vascular Closure Device is an innovative approach to vascular closure that, in addition to safety and effectiveness, is designed with patient comfort in mind.
    Normal Observations

    • A small lump and/or mild tenderness in your groin area.
    • Some bruising or discomfort.

    but you must Contact your doctor immediately if you experience any unusual signs and/or symptoms:

    • Persistent tenderness or swelling at the puncture site
    • Significant pain at the puncture site or leg
    • Bleeding/oozing at the puncture site
    • Increasing redness, warmth, bruising or swelling at the puncture site
    • Numbness or tingling in the leg
    • Drainage from the puncture site
    • Non-healing wound
    • Fever or chills
    • Any other unusual symptoms

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