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microteaching on temporary pacemaker

  1. 0 hello there, im new on this site. i dont know where to post my inquiries..
    Anyhow, im a CCU nurse and was task to do a microteaching on temporary pacemaker. Hmmmm, im having a difficulty where to focus on my teaching... can you suggest in what area of temporary pacemaker would be the most beneficial for nurses? or maybe would require more teachings??? please help! thank you.
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    Who is your audience? Are we talking stepdown RN's who may also be relatively new to nursing, or are you expected to simply refresh a group of well-healed veteran CCU RN's? Something in between, perhaps?
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    I was wondering the same thing. Would the audience benefit from a review of pacemaker problems such as failure to capture/sense/pace and what to do about it?
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    Why a patient would need temporary pacing would be a good place to start
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    Indications for temporary pacingCommon modes (AAI, VVI, DDD)Capture and sensing thresholdR-on-T risk with V pacingwhen temp wires should be removedtroubleshooting malfunctioning pacing

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