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Job Shadow/Interview in CCU

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    I am looking for some advice from all you nurses out there! I am set up to job shadow in a CCU "with the potential for an interview". I am curious if the term job shadow is just a way for the nurses to see how smart I am and if I would fit in with the department or not? Or is this just a nice way to allowing me to see the department, but really they aren't interested. I sent over my resume and sent in a job application, however I only have 1 year of telemetry experience as an RN, one as a nurse extern. So I am curious if this is the normal process for all ICUs if you have no experience? I really want this job, and aspire to get my CCRN, how can I impress my potential employer? I am planning on brushing up on all my basic cardiac info, swan ganz, meds, etc before going so I am able to ask and answer intelligent questions. Any advice? Thanks!
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    The CV-ICU unit I work at also has the applicant interview and shadow. This means the manager is interested in hiring you and would like to see if you like the unit and be a good fit. Since you do have nursing experience, you might be asked why you want to leave your unit, why are you interested in CCU? I don't think they will expect you to know swan numbers etc, but I would just briefly read about them just in case. Also if the shadow day is a different day as your interview, you can wear scrubs. One applicant who shadowed wore her suit & heels, was kinda wierd walking around in and out of patient rooms lol. Good luck!