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Ok some may say this is a dumb question, but we got into a heated debate the other day about this. IF a pt on IABP codes, do you turn it off? I obviously said yes but a fellow worker tried to say you could start compressions and... Read More

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    I can only speak for Datascope (now Maquet) as that is the one I use. If a pt codes you DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING with the machine...focus on the pt. As soon as the machine no longer senses an EGK to use as a trigger for inflation/deflation it will AUTOMATICALLY switch to pressure trigger. Once you start compressions the machine will pick up the pressure changes from the compressions and will time the IABP appropriately. Changing to pressure mode is not wrong, but there is no need as the machine already does it. Key is to focus on the pt....same if you need to defibrillate...ignore the machine.

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    Definitely don't need to shut off the IABP during a code. Generally we put it in pressure mode, as others have said. The only possible rationale I can think of to leave it in EKG mode is that the newer IABP's switch between modes automatically; perhaps this is why?
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    i was taught to put the datascope on "pressure" when coding a pt.
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    Per the standards at my institution and per Datascope, we place the IABP on pressure for the pump to correlate with the compressions.
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    For any institution that uses Datascope CS300. Always have it on Auto inflation the only classification that uses semi-auto is pedi pts. When your pt is in Auto it automatically changes to pressure trigger during a code, as a matter of fact sometimes it changes to pressure if your pt is constantly getting arrhythmias as wa my case the other day!.
    If it is getting so confusing for your co-workers perhaps you should have your Clinical educator ask the Datascope representative to come back and give your unit a refresher every 6months they are always very helpful. Good luck.
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    Again just be aware that you can only do nothing and leave the pump to switch to the most accurate trigger in an automatic mode. If you have, say, an Arrow in "operator" mode, you'll have to switch for yourself (because that mode overrides the automatic trigger selection).

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