dopamine drips and MAP

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    When you have a patient and you are adjusting the dopamine drip based on MAP > 65 do you just guess how much to increase or decrease?

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    start increasing by 1 mcg/kg/m. If the pressure doesn't respond then you could go up by 2.
    some people are so affected by dopamine, i've seen patients who had a map>65 with 6.3mcg/kg/m and when you dropped them to 6.0 their maps fell into the 40-50 range.
    very narrow therapeutic range for some patients.
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    Thank you! That makes sense to go slow but no where could I find a guideline
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    Do you guys have Lexicomp access? They have good information in their drug guides. Typically the hospital will have a policy on "Adult Titration of Vasoactive Infusions" or something similar that will review all the vasoactive meds and how to titrate them according to hospital policy.
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    Actually Im a senior nursing student and was inquiring for a clinical experience, but I will ask when I go the next time. Thank you
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    also realize that with Dopamine, when you have a drip over 6mcg/kg/min, it will begin to increase the heartrate exponentially
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    This is off topic but what is the best way to utilize this website?
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    there is a section for nursing students, and then you can also browse subjects of interest, like critical care, etc. Hope this helps?
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    Yes all of you have been very helpful

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