"Variable Leadership" In RRT Roll

  1. Hey guys
    I have been assinged to write a job description for our full time RRT RNs. One of the things I am struggeling with is describing the leadership roll required by our RRT RNs.
    In our situation we are nobodys supervisors. However in certain patient care situations we are looked to for leadship by the staff RNs. Some times we arrive and a competant physician does too and immediatly starts giving apropiate orders. In that situation I see our roll as a skilled set of hands with advanced assessment skills. In other situations no physcian shows up, or the one who does is unsure what to do. In those cases we need to step our level of leadership. Our protocols and standing orders allow us to intervene with advanced measures (intubation, bi-pap, medications, transfer to ICU, etc) in most situations without further orders. That said we are also a teaching hospital and not supposed to step on the toes of the residents unless we have to to make sure the patient gets the care they need.
    I am having a hard time describing this principal of applying leadership from skilled order follower to team leader depending on the needs of the situation. Any thoughts?
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