Utilization Review RN interview VERY SOON!!! please help!

  1. Hi all,

    I some how managed to obtain a Utilization Review RN interview a few days from now.

    1. What kind of questions should I expect to be asked and how can I prepare for them?
    2. What kind of questions should I ask them?
    3. Are there perhaps any resources out there I can find --on allnurses.com or the internet in general? I have done plently of searches but perhaps using incorrect keywords. I'll take any help or advice I can get, such as DRG codes I might need to know, and so forth.

    This if for an HMO that focuses on pediatrics, and works with medicare, CHIP, etc in a large sprawling city.

    Please, your answers are appreciated and may even help someone else other than me!
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  3. by   GitanoRN
    first of all congratulations for getting the interview, and take in consideration the most important factor is to remain calm and be yourself. therefore, below you'll find some samples of questions that some of my colleagues did answer during their interview. in addition, when selecting the attire for the interview try if you can, go as simple but professionally as you can for example: a simple white shirt with a gray skirt right at the knee, low heel shoes, minimal jewelry, like wedding band, watch, small earrings, simple manicure, no loud perfume.


    can you tell me a little about yourself? what it really means: the interviewer is testing your all important ability as a nurse to interact with others by putting you on the spot, your answer gives the interviewer an idea of how you present yourself in a social setting and a glimpse of what you think the most important facts about yourself are.

    what are your greatest weaknesses? what it really means: the interviewer is trying to see how honest you are, as well as trying to determine if you are able to overcome obstacles, if you say that your greatest weakness is working too hard, that’s not an obstacle. however, if you give a legitimate weakness, such as not being able to keep track of all your charts, then you can provide examples of how you have overcome that weakness and are now an expert at charting.

    where do you see yourself in 5yrs?, what it really means: no hospital or clinic expects you to swear a lifetime allegiance to them during your interview. needless to say, the question is a chance for you to speak of your long term goals, give them a better idea of your nursing career development plan and how it could progress with the organization. in addition, it also gives you a chance to speak to your strengths and highlight the areas where you believe you’ll grow the most. example answer: "as a team leader"

    how would your co-workers describe you? what it really means: the interviewer isn't interested in your little white lies, they’re trying to see how you think others view you. therefore, even if you are stretching the truth your answer will give the interviewer an idea of how you view yourself, and what you believe are your most important attributes. considering you are discussing what others think about you, it can also be a modesty test, separating nurses who are embarrassed about themselves from those who won’t shut up about how great they are.

    describe a situation when you had to work with a team, while dealing with a difficult individual.

    describe instances of when you had down time at work and what you did you do to improve your dept. during that downtime.”

    how would you deal with a task that you have no clue how to do and no one is available to help you?”

    wishing you the very best in all of your future endeavors....aloha~

  4. by   nursingosaurus
    That is all such great, insightful and helpful advice. Thank you so much!!!!! I am printing it all out right now and going to read it over and over, and write in my own thoughtful comments after thinking about the answers thoroughly.

    What kind of questions specific to utilization review can I be expected to be asked? What kind of UR questions should I be asking? Can someone give me an overview or example of the process of Utilization Review nursing? Interview is tomorrow!!!!

  5. by   luvyrpets
    nursingosaurus, how did you do? If you got the job, are you still doing it? I have an interview in 2 days for a Utilization Review Nurse.