Retired, thinking of Case Management

  1. Hi I am a RN, I haven't worked for about 4 years, I guess you would say I am retired. I will be honest, I do not like nursing whatsoever, LOL. I did med/surg/tele, LTC, psyche, mostly med-surg. I do not like floor nursing, no way no how. However, thinking about returning to some sort of career as my kids are older now. I always experienced childcare issues and now, not so much of a problem! Anyway, I thought perhaps Case Management would be the way to go as I am organized, communicate well, enjoy people and resolving issues, etc. Think it would be a good fit for me, but wondering if I got certified Case Management, would I be able to get hired? Or would they request some sort of recent experience? Should I consider working as an RN part-time while I work on my certification, assuming I could get a position? Your input appreciated.
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  3. by   rn with class
    in order to be certified as a case manager you have to at least one year of case management experience and your supervisor has to to certified or work two years as a case manager and your supervisor does not have to certified. go to the website and it gives all the requirements.
  4. by   JerseyLilly
    Some places will hire even if you are not CCM certified yet, but you will need some experience somewhere doing case management, whether in home care, or hospital, or somewhere else. Case management is hands off, so you will probably welcome the change. Good luck to you!
  5. by   adlockwood
    I was out of nursing completely for over 8 years, and here is how I got back in: I started working for a home care company that was not certified and needed an RN for supervising the aides and setting up medications for the elderly in their homes. Through that, I found an additional job working part time at a day center in mental health, because several of the home care clients were also in the community mental health program. I needed full time, so I got a job as a hospital based case manager, but after 6 months, I am high tailing it back to mental health now that they have a full time opening combining my old job with part time at the mental health clinic. Hospital work is nuts, plus our facility is starting to add weekend and holiday rotations too for the case managers. One thing about being out of it for a while - I don't want to go back to working 7 days a week! And why for the love of Pete would you need a case manager on Christmas Day???? I don't even care about the money - I need a life
  6. by   thekid
    I'm very new to this and not even sure if my new job would be considered case title is service coordinator and I work for an insurance company doing health assessments by phone. I have not started the orientation yet but I wanted to post here since you sound like don't care for floor nursing... me neither I stumbled upon this job by sending out multiple resumes, so it might be something for you to look into. I have very little floor experience, only a few years as a LPN and less than a year as an fact I have been out of nursing for ten years. Good luck to you.. I think I saw a thread on here about UM review nursing and there were links to insurance companies..