Relatively new RN offered CM position...

  1. Hey All,

    I am a relatively new RN (almost 2 years of experience) and I was offered a case management position for a hospice company. Should I stay at the bedside longer or take this position? I really want to get out of bedside nursing soon. I graduate with my masters degree in 2011 and plan to start a Ph.D. program immediately after.

    To be honest, I didn't enter nursing to be a bedside nurse. I am far more interested in nursing theories, research, academics, etc. However, I don't know if I should stay at the bedside or take a CM position. What do others think?
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  3. by   adlockwood
    I am surprised no one answered this - you should seriously consider it. CM for hospice would primarily be a liason for the hospice, and it is a good day shift job. You would need to have superior skills in dealing with families considering hospice - it is a delicate and sensitive position to have, but it is sales, too.
  4. by   Enfermera85
    Regardless of being a new nurse you know what your career goals are and if this position fits into that.... I think you should go for it BUT hospice is a very tough specialty so you must be prepared mentally and emotionally for that because you will need to be strong for your patients and they're families (a lot of weight to carry emotionally).

    I am also a fairly new nurse who will be excepting a Clinical Supervisor position because I know that this fits into the goals that i have mapped out for my nursing career and I believe that with support and a good orientation I can definitely handle the job. So having said that there are many new nurses that are accepting roles with more responsibility and I think it is great if they can handle it and will be a part of a supportive team! Good luck to you