Psych Utilization Management

  1. I am considering a position in psych utilization management with a local psych hospital. Anyone work in this area? I understand it is fast paced, with most of the morning doing paperwork and most of the afternoon on the phone reviewing cases with insurance companies.

    I have no UM experience, but I learn fast and have several years of call center experience prior to nursing. Just trying to get a feel for the pros and cons, and make sure it is the right move for me. Currently working home hospice for 2 years and really burnt out with the physical and emotional demands. I could really use a change from direct patient care, and I think this may be a good area to explore. Any insight is appreciated!
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  3. by   arg928
    Anybody have any good or bad UM experience to share? Please help!
  4. by   d'cm
    I did psych UM as a temp and the day went pretty much the way you describe. I found it quite tedious work but the only really bad part was the total wack job who ran the dept.
  5. by   arg928
    Thank you for replying. I think I am going to try it. I work for a "whack job" now, so hopefully it will be a good move!
  6. by   KNS519
    I'm a behavioral health case manager and I like it. We have meditech here so it cuts down the paperwork and some insurance reviews are done online. You can get tied up on the phone at times but overall it's not bad. It's pretty easy to plan out my day but usually mondays and fridays I'm really busy and then some of the other days I can get bored. You might want to try it though - good luck!
  7. by   arg928
    thanks for the reply, kns519. i am going to try it if their hr dept ever "officially" offers me the position. the manager unofficially offered me the job 3 weeks ago, and i am still waiting on the hr recruiters to finish their part. keeping my fingers crossed!!!