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On-line classes for case managers?

  1. 0 I am working as a case manager and would like to get some more education in the field. Does anyone know of any classes/certifications on line???
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    Quote from CCarterRN
    Be Careful of the classes you take if you are a CCM and wanting to apply the 'clock hours' of continuing ed toward your renewal requirement through CCMC. For example, ltuonline.com's "case manager certificate" curriculum, is 'NOT' approved by CCMC. I am a CCM but haven't practiced in a bit, so I wanted to take a class for refresher that encompassed all aspects, ltuonline.com's program sounded like 'the one' until I called and verfied with them that their Case Manager Certificate program is not approved by my credentialing agency. Be sure you check with CCMC for their strict guidelines on how to acquire your clock hours for renewal of certification.
    Hope this helps. If anyone knows of online classes that will help learn more about workman's compensation case management please share, I have done medical case management and disease case management and communicable disease case management, but the 'financial aspects' of c.m. behooves me for the most part. Is there software that if you plug in the costs of services, etc. it does cost analysis, etc. ? Thanks
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    rncasemanagers.com has a section with CEU's available if that's what your're looking for.
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    The following website has a lot of classes on case management: www.AAACEUs.com
    They offer online and home study classes for case managers and they have many classes that are pre-approved for CCM (Certified Case Manager). I was quite happy with the number of choices and felt the website was user friendly. When I did have a question I was amazed to get someone on the phone immediately - a case manager in fact. She was very helpful and nice. I would recommend this site. Hope this helps.
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    The above website is written incorectly - it is www.RNCaseManager.com

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