If i add the case management specialty do i have to work as one

  1. Hi, new here and had a question.
    I am currently working towards my BSN degree and wish to work in the ER or some type of emergency medicine. I am in a situation where my education is paid for and i strongly prefer taking classes full time due to extra education funding being given to me if i attend full time. Next semester i am in a situation where i can only complete one class for my nursing year and cannot begin taking classes from my next year of education due to program restrictions. I am looking at taking the medical case management specialty as a way of maintaining full time student status. I really have to interest in this, and i also never plan to work as a case manager. I realize this would be wasted time but it would highly benefit me financially to maintain full time student status.

    Should i take the case management specialty or are employers going to know i possess this and only allow me to work in case management?
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  3. by   SummerGarden
    Are you attending school in America? If so, it does not matter what courses you take in school, you will not be more or less "specialized" or eligible for hire by American employers at the ADN or BSN level. In fact, it will be difficult if you are an American new grad depending on where you live to get a job out of school without already working in health care. So no worries... You can take a course in case management and not end up in our role out of school unless someone is interested in taking on a New grad. Most employers of case managers want RNs with clinical nursing work experience (school does not count) prior to moving into this specialty. The same can be said for the ED (both areas I have worked). GL!