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Hello everyone, I had a phone interview and got a job offer from Mckesson (through a contract company) as a remote/work from home disease management nurse. It's 80% home based, 20% travel. I've been reading up on disease... Read More

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    Hi angel337,
    Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I was not offered the job. They were looking for bilingual staff it seems (although this wasn't implied in the beginning). Maybe I need to invest in some Rosetta Stone .


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    try bcbs or humana they have case management and dm jobs and will train you.
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    I'm glad this thread has gained a little traction. I hope other users find it helpful. I'm still a dm newbie but I've learned alot.
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    Quote from angel337
    try bcbs or humana they have case management and dm jobs and will train you.
    thanks for the tip angel337. I'll look in that direction.
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    I think I am late here. I worked for a managed care company doing disease management, as with everything there was both good and bad. I have always enjoyed the patient teaching aspect of nursing, so that was a positive, especially if an eager client. Down side is that job performance was completely based on the quantity of calls, and there was an expectation, unfortunately calls out, did not equal calls made, the person has to answer the phone. I worked in heart disease, so many of the calls were made to people who were working, therefore evening calls were necessary. My primary gripe was with the quotas, at that time the goal was 10-15 calls a day.
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    so can you tell me about your position with disease mgmt...thanks
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    can you tell me about your position in disease mgmt...thnks

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