Certified Professional in Healthcare Management

  1. Has anyone taken the Certified Professional in Healthcare Management (CPHM)? I noticed that McKesson offers the pricey 3 day seminars, which I cannot afford airfare, hotel, etc... Has anyone taken this certification via self study? Thanks so much!

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  3. by   FTgettingPT
    Hi Lizzie, Just started reading these posts. I am an RN with experience in spades! Therefore I am self studying for ANCC (nurse credentialling) RN Case Manager Exam Right now it is $490 to take the exam I bought $150 in used texts. A three day course is a bit more and you get so much less! I'm pretty certain of passing. Mostly because I take tests well. I like the idea of Certified Nurse Case Manager. Just FYI there are over 30 types of case management certification exams. Can you believe that? Some are three day certificates some are at Masters level. Too wide open. So unjust. So like the state healthcare is in right now!