Case Manager/Field Rn Salary for New Grad

  1. Hello all, wanting feedback form the group. I am a new grad RN, still I guess, been working a total of 9 months private duty thru agency. Was just offered a field/ case management position w/ same agency at what I think is a ridiculous pay- 18.50/hr hour. Right now my rate for a shift is $25/hr and I'd like to do no less than this. My responsibilities would be supervision of 100 plus lvns, pt case load of 60: recerts , discharge visits and intermittent visits for only 2 pts. My territory would be a 100 mile radius and I get a gas allowance. I think this is a fantastic opportunity for which I'm very grateful....but the rate is worrisome. I meet w/ the owner next week to finalize things and I plan on counter offering. I'm just not sure how to do so or what justification I could use...besides that I live in Southern California and cant live off 18.50....(which is their lvn rate by the way). Any thoughts on how I should go about negotiating or if I should just be grateful and shut up?

    Thank you in advance
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  3. by   iodine
    As a newer grad, and belive me you are, until you get a few more years under your belt, why would you consider this "opportunity" to be over that many LVN"S and be responsible for that many patients? Not to mention the paperwork.
    I'd make a counter offer for $30/hr. and 40 hr week.(as a pvt. case mgr. I made $65/hr. plus expenses) You will likely work 60-80 hrs. a week with that much responsibility. I'd also require not a gas allowance, but billing PER mile plus travel time paid. I'm unsure of the going rate but you can ask an accountant.
    Honestly, get more experience in hands on nursing before you accept this type position.
  4. by   GoNightingale
    Hi iodine! I have not heard of private case manager. I will be 60 years old in 3 years and am considering transitioning into some kind of case management but I am still researching the types of case management, required clinical years and education, etc. I have 2 years on clinical Med/surg and Telemetry experience and plan on doinf 3 more until I am 60. During this time, I'm considering going back to school and getting my MSN or certification in case management.

    Your salary is very decent and right up my alley. Could you shed further light and iformation on private case management?

    I am grateful and thanking you in advance.