Case management or homecare

  1. Hi, I've recently been offered two postions, and I am not sure which to take. One is a case manager position and the other is a home care position. I shadowed both and liked the hospital and coworkers I would be with in case management. Yet, I loved the flexibility and autonomy in homecare. I have been an RN for 5.5 years in an acute med/surg/onc floor. Can anyone here shed some light and offer some advice? Thanks.
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  3. by   Mari9292
    GO FOR HOME CARE. I left home care after 15 years to work in an insurance company as a CM. I feel like I'm trapped. It is very isolating and very autonomous. I'm sorry I ever left.
  4. by   Mari9292
    I have been in home care for 15 years. I did love it. But, I live in New England and I got tired going out in snow and storms. So, I took a position with Blue Cross and hated it. I felt trapped. Now I am a Case Manager in a Patient Centered Medical Home and absoutely love it. You have the autonomy of Home Care but without all the travel. It's the wave of the future. I would look into it if I were you. Good luck .
  5. by   d'cm
    Home care will give you invaluable experience for being a case manager. The demand for case managers is holding in this market so will most likely only improve.
  6. by   adlockwood
    I have worked in all of it - from floor nursing to Blue Cross, to Insurance CM, to home care, and now inpatient CM. I agree with those that vote for home care, or if you could get in to a medical home primary care provider office, that would be great. Inpatient CM is the most exhausting and unsatisfactory form of nursing in my opinion. I needed the job, but I really have to say being free and on the road was much better = whether that is home care or for outside CM.