Case Management interview Monday

  1. I have an interview Monday with a recruiting company for a case manager position with a major insurance company. The position does not require case management experience, it requires 5+ years clinical experience.

    I have zero case management experience, but I have been a RN for 7.5 years. I have worked in a variety of critical care settings. I seem to be in the same cycle as everyone else--no experience and can't get the experience

    What can I expect from this interview? I have never worked with a recruiting company before. I really want this job but don't want to let my desperation show


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  3. by   CaseManager1947
    Well.... I hope your interview wasn't THIS Monday.... or I may be too late.. Oh well, I'll forge ahead.
    Lets see if I was close anyway.. They may want to know how you forge and keep relationships with physicians. How do you deal with difficult situations (irate docs, families, etc,.) Some basic info about Medicare, Medicaid, and Interquall or Millilman, whichever they use. How to spot failures in care, things that will imped dismissal... no UA done on the lady complaining of going every 30 minutes. No labs rewritten after a K bolus.. stuff like that. Sometimes you have to sweep up behind the baby docs and make sure they follow -up. Do you have good relationships with liasons in the community/referral base your patients come to you from (NH, home healths etc.). I hope that helped or will help


    questions about time management -- this is a big issue who do you see first and why,,, what are your strengths, weaknesses, that usually pops in somewhere, What are you looking for in a Manager or Boss... some will throw that in too, I know I have.