Average cost of LTAC?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am trying to do a school project for my BSN class. Does anyone have an idea about the average daily cost of an LTAC? I know it varies with each diagnosis but I am just looking for an average base rate. I saw somewhere the cost being $1069.57/daily base rate. Thanks everyone.
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  3. by   d'cm
    There is no set per diem. If you mean the rate paid for short stays:

    Short stay outliers are defined as those patients with a length of stay between 8 days and two thirds of the arithmetic average length of stay (ALOS) for each LTC-DRG. These cases will be paid the least of: 150% of the LTC-DRG specific per diem payment, 150% of the cost of the case, or the full LTC-DRG payment.

    I've been out of LTAC case mgmt for a few years but I believe the avg daily rate would work out to be closer to 1300/ day or about 39K / per admission. Payment is based on dx, length of stay,and geograhical location + outliers. Each DRG has a weight with an expected LOS, if the pt stays 5/6 of that LOS the LTAC gets the full DRG payment. IMHO: The games this creates along with the patient/family population you have to work with makes LTAC case mgmt is as challenging a position as you can find.
  4. by   corky1272RN
    Thanks so much for your response I really appreciate it!