Applying for UR or Case Management Position... Need help!!!

  1. i am trying to get my foot in the door as a ur or case management nurse without success. is there any way someone can critique my resume and let me know what it needs? please help, i have been without a job for over 6 months.

    registered nurse
    dedicated, accomplished, and patient-focused registered nurse with diverse nursing experience including dialysis, long term care, case management, home care, improving quality and utilization management programs. commended for strong organizational agility and multi-tasking skills while working in high-stress, fast-paced situations.

    summary of qualifications

    knowledgeable of current medicare regulations, standards/reimbursement requirements, and standards related to quality improvement, case management, community outreach, and managed care.

    solid administrativeand referral experience including admissions, assessments, treatments, referrals, and education for a broad range of patients/residents.

    committed to continuing education through comprehensive training and more than three years experience as a registered nurse in the medicare department.

    self-motivated with a commitment to providing quality nursing care with patients; administering medication, providing routine treatments, and handling day-to-day analysis and intervention.

    comfortable using a variety of computer programs and applications including ms office suite 2007.

    recognized for conscientious attention to detail, organizational skills, ability to work independently and professional attitude.
    licensed practical nurse
    vocational technical school, xxxxx, xx
    associate of science in nursing
    university of xxxx, xxxx, xx

    bachelor of science in education
    university of xx, xxx, xx

    professional experience

    xxxx memorial hospital - xxxx, xx

    medical surgical nurse 2009 - xxxx

    assigned to provide patient care for patients. key team member for admittance and discharge of patients. perform clinical tasks according to hospital policies. assess patient conditions and advise of changes in status. monitor and maintain patient charts. prepare equipment and assist physician during patient exams and treatments. assisted patient with pre and post operative care. educate patients and family members in health care prevention and treatment.

    golden living center--xxxx, xx

    r.n. medicare nurse/pps/mds/quality assurance/care plan coordinator xxxx - 2008
    xxxx, r.n. page2

    managed and evaluated all clinical documentation for medicare and all third party related medicare payers. worked in cooperation with managers, clinicians, patient / resident accounts and clerical staff to ensure quality documentation.

    - led multidisciplinary team in provisioning of quality, comprehensive care to long-term care residents and their families.

    - coordinated, performed, and documented comprehensive mds/pps assessments of all residents including the input of mds, documentation of initial individualized care plans, and enforcement of implementation of care plans.

    - entrusted to act as on-call supervisor for facility needs including troubleshooting, directing resident needs, family issues, and staffing problems.

    - structured focus on quality indicators and strong involvement in quality care and wellness of the residents.

    - staff education and tracking trends, analyzing, planning, implementing and follow through of care issues and unavoidable qm issues.

    - took part in determination of resident eligibility based on their age, need and financial stability.

    r.n., charge nurse xxxx--2005

    managed all aspects of r.n. services for geriatric patients, including interviewing and documenting patient histories, maintaining and updating medication lists, and coordinating healthcare services. communicated all pertinent information and any interventions to the physician. implemented patient care plans to assist patients and families in achieving optimal resolution of needs/problems.

    - supervised a staff of cnas, exercising strong team leadership skills in areas of assignment delegation, scheduling, and patient relations.

    - performed employee evaluations and conducted quality improvement initiatives.

    - awarded highest scores possible on annual evaluations, leading to compensation increases year over year.

    - repeatedly commended by residents and supervisors for outstanding quality of care.

    - preceptor to new hires, working with students and giving in-service presentations.

    - as resident advocate, worked collaboratively with medical staff and auxiliary personnel to address concerns

    renal care group, xxx, xx

    r.n., charge nurse1990--xxxx

    performed routine operations of dialysate systems as well as initial clinical assessment of patients. facilitated the ongoing assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of nursing care, including the initiation of dialysis and the monitoring of patients while on dialysis.

    - observed and questioned patients to determine stability before, during, and following medical procedures.

    - collaborated with team of nurses to deliver dialysis treatments and followed established protocol to provide infection control measures.

    - analyzed patient data including lab work and made recommendations to the physician for patient care.

    - cpr certified through american heart association.
    - basic cardiac monitoring
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  3. by   JerseyLilly
    You have a very nice resume! Here is my have such a broad base of experience. If you are looking for specifically case management positions, I would narrow your objective statement to that. Are you CCM or any other case management related certified? I would include that. I would narrow your case management skills to bullet points and accomplishments and what you saved the company in dollars, if you can. I am not sure where you live but I would submit a resume to every insurance company even if they are not hiring just to have it in their data base. Remember, we live in an electronic age! Key words and bullet points get scanned and are retrieved by those key words. HR managers, take 10 seconds to scan a resume and decide which to keep and which to trash. To help you get a bite, I would narrow down your resume and have several versions of your resume depending on the position you are applying for. Hope this helps.... Good luck to you!
  4. by   d'cm
    I recommend you elaborate on your admission and discharge experience, emphasize transitions to next level of care, pt ed etc. If you have a NY License and are willing to work in NYC, there are positions open you would qualify for.
  5. by   clhankin67
    As a Regional Inpatient Manager who is currently reading dozens of resumes at the moment I confess that I tend to skim for key words and phrases. Bullet points make the resume too long. I want to look at one page, brief synopsis of each position, and write it to reflect the position you are applying for. You would want to highlight different points for a work at home position vs hospital based discharge planning etc.

    Also, place you education at the end, make your qualifications and summary shorter, no arrows. Lastly, remove any data not pertinant to the job you are applying for (CPR, IV cert, etc) and add Interqual, M&R, coding, etc.

    Good Luck!
  6. by   adlockwood
    If you send your email address to me, I will forward you a copy of my resume. Forget about my educational background, because that is not a key issue - but do look at the way I describe my experience. I did work on key words when I wrote this for my last job, which I identified by doing some research in to the job descriptions of the jobs I wanted. Make sure you mention allnurses in your subject line in your email

    Annette Lockwood
  7. by   Tampa121
    Dear Annette,
    I, too, am attempting to apply to UR/Case Management experience. I have been a nurse for 37yrs from home care, case management, old UR exp, concurrent review,Interqual, ICU. I would like to work for a managed care company. I would love to see a copy of your resume. Could I send you my email address? Thank you in advance!
  8. by   Katria
    Will someone please let me email them my resume and critique it for me? I have been looking for a job for a while without success.

    Thank You,
  9. by   d'cm
    I sent out my resume thru this company and they did quite a critique of my resume - (with the intent of having me use their $495 professional writing service.) But if just want an expert critique...
  10. by   adlockwood
    I don't mind sending my resume to anyone who is interested - unless you plan on ripping it

    By the way, Tampa - I don't think you have much to worry about with that background - it is similar to mine. I was out of CM for 15 years, and my UM from BCBS was back in 1985, and they still liked it. Some things don't really change much.