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I will be interveiwing for a case management job with Humana. It is a 50/50 job. 50 at hospital and 50 at home. Anyone working with humana at home. How are they to work for. Any advise for the face to face interview. I have been... Read More

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    what do you do there?
    I am interested in the work at home with the humana beginnings program.

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    Rntr.....are you still out there? Would love to talk to you about Humana and see if you are still with this company!!
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    Yes, send me a private message..
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    Rntr, not sure I know how to do that. If I click on your name it doesn't give me that option...can you send me one? Or you can email me and we can chat that way.

    I would appreciate your help....

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