ANY Case Managers at United Health?

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    Hi all,
    I'm wondering if I can get some input from anyone that works or has worked as a case manager at Unitedhealth group. I am interviewing for a cm position that involves field visits as well as telephone case management....and eventually it can be a work from home position.
    Any interview advice as well as information on details of the position would be greatly appreciated!

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    Just left a position with them. It was nice working from home, but that's about it. It's a pretty rough company to work for. Something to note too, there is no lateral or upward movement in the company, not just me but several of my coworkers. Good luck on your interview, I hope if you accept it is a better environment for you than it was for me.
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    I worked there for 6 months, its great if you like being micromanaged 8 hours a day. Everytime you logged off the computer it clocked you out, so even your potty breaks were monitored. So if you were having GI issues that day those extra minutes were counted against you, which really hurt your score card for your monthly evaluations. I felt bad for one new employee who right after she started working found out she was a pregnant and a high risk pregnancy, company policy no use of personal or sick time during your first 3 months, and since she was on orientation during days M-F they refused to allow her off for her OB visit. Yeah she resigned.
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    This does not sound like a good place to work for... I recently had a phone interview with the company and will rethink my career change.... I also had a negative review from another nurse that had a friend that used to work there.
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    They love to put people on corrective actions for not making impossible metrics. If you have other choices RUN away from this company.
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    For those of you that are working there or have recently left, do you mind sharing what state you're in? I am considering a postion with UHC, but the reviews I've been reading on this board as well as others give me pause...are any of you in Georgia?
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    The company policies are universal, coming out of corporate headquarters so it doesn't matter what state you are in. It really isn't a nice company to work for as a nurse. Everyone is stressed, the pressure to perform incredible. If you have other options, I would say you DON'T want to work for them.
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    Don't do it! I had a friend who worked there for a year and she said it was awful. The only good thing she said was working from home. She ended up working for a different insurance company.

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    Thank you guys for the input!
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    Just wanted to give you guys an update, i went ahead and went on the interview for the CM position today. I have to say it was the longest interview I've ever had..nearly 2 hrs. First I met with 2 of the hiring managers and they started off asking the standard interview questions, then they asked me some behavioral/scenario type questions from a pre-printed form. After that was done they told to me to wait a few minutes while they go discuss if they wanted to proceed any further. So after a few min, one of them came back to tell me they would like to proceed and have me meet with ANOTHER manager. Another 10 or 15 min goes by and the phone in the conference room starts to ring. After 2 missed calls, the receptionist comes in to tell me that I'm supposed to answer it and explains that I would be given a scenario and to pretend as if I were on a live call. Anyway..after that was done, I finally met withthe 3rd manager who pretty much repeated the first 2. They talked a lot about meeting "metrics", that your calls rated according to your quality, number of enrollments and the accuracy of your documentation. They said that your work is not commissioned based, but they do have "incentives" Sorry to be so long-winded. but I just wanted to give anyone else who was considering UHC an idea of what to expect if they should go for an interview
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